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Luther exhibit ends on September 29

Less than two weeks remain to see the exhibit, Luther and the World Turned Upside Down: Prophecy, Revolution, and the End of Time, which runs through September 29, 2017 at Elmer L. Anderson Library. Additional materials are on exhibit at the T.R. Anderson Gallery on the fourth floor of Wilson Library.
Ryan Mattke and Rich Strongvideo

Mapping the lost waterways of the Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota's Center for Sustainable Building Research worked closely with the University Libraries on a project to map the lost waterways of the Twin Cities, with an overarching goal to enhance research into making buildings more sustainable. The Center's team, led by Professor Richard Graves and Senior Researcher Rich Strong, worked closely with Ryan Mattke, Head of the John R. Borchert Map Library at the University of Minnesota. The project was one of seven that were part of Research Sprints, an intensive four-day, project-driven program that paired U of M faculty and researchers with teams of librarians and archivists at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Nordic cooking and cookbooks

Nordic cookbooks was the subject of this installment of Read This Book! from the University of Minnesota Libraries, hosted by Lisa Von Drasek and featuring Megan Kocher.

Journalism, media bias, fact checking

Books about journalism, media bias, and fact checking were reviewed in this episode of Read This Book! from the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Students helping peers with research

Peer Research Consultants, a cadre of undergraduate students from the University of Minnesota Libraries, provide a friendly and less formal starting point for undergrads new to the research process.

Engraved in Copper: A video preview

Watch this video preview of our current exhibit, "Engraved in Copper: The Art of Mapping Minnesota," which features unique engraved copper plates used to print topographic maps of Minnesota in the early 1900s, surveying and mapmaking techniques, and government documents related to the process. The exhibit runs through May 22 at Elmer L. Andersen Library.

Read This Book! — Short Stories

Three books with short story collections were featured in this episode of Read This Book! with Kaia Sievert and host Tim Johnson. The books will be featured beginning March 1 at the University of Minnesota's Wilson Library.

Historian Erika Lee explains the importance of #ImmigrationSyllabus

History Professor Erika Lee discusses her latest project, the Immigration Syllabus, an online tool to help faculty, teachers, students, and the general public understand the history of immigration in the United States. The initiative is a collaboration among several faculty members and others from across the country.

Books about puppies, critical thinking

Veterinary Medical Librarian Andre Nault talks about raising puppies and about critical thinking — two widely different books — on this installment of "Read This Book!" from the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Ridgway Award winners

In this installment of "Read This Book!", children's librarian Lisa Von Drasek highlights the winners of the 2016 Marion Vannett Ridgway Book Awards, given to an author or illustrator in recognition of an outstanding debut in the world of children's picture books. Books discussed are: "Trombone Shorty" by Troy Andrews, "Voice of Freedom" by Carole Boston Weatherford and Illustrated by Ekua Holmes, and "Smick!" by Doreen Cronin and Juana Medina.

Books to Give, Vol. 4: Cooking

Books about cooking was the subject of this special holiday issue of Read This Book!: Books to Give 2016, Volume 4. Megan Kocher, curator of the Doris S. Kirschner Cookbook Collection recommended two books to give as gifts: "Come, You Taste: Recipes from the Iron Range" by B.J. Carpenter, and "The Vegetable Butcher" by Cara Mangini.

Books to Give: Vol. 3: Architecture

Books about architecture were featured in this special episode of Read This Book! — Books to Give 2016, Volume 3, from the University of Minnesota Libraries. Cheryll Fong, interim curator for the Libraries' Northwest Architectural Archives, and host Lisa Von Drasek, recommended "Edwin H. Lundie, Five Decades: A Journey of Art and Architecture" by Peter O'Toole and "Minnesota Modern" by Larry Millett.

Books to Give Vol. 2: Sherlock Holmes

Tim Johnson recommends three books about Sherlock Holmes in "Books to Give 2016, Volume 2," hosted by Lisa Von Drasek. The three books are: "Nerve and Knowledge," "The Missing Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes," and "Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899." Read This Book! is a production of the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Books to Give, Volume 1: Bob Dylan

Books about Bob Dylan were discussed in this episode of "Read This Book! — Books to Give," featuring Bill Pederson from the University of Minnesota Music Library. Dylan, a Minnesota native, recently was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Great Kitchens and the Great Midwest

The books "In Winter's Kitchen" by Beth Dooley and "Kitchens of the Great Midwest" by J. Ryan Stradal were featured on this episode of "Read This Book!" from the University of Minnesota Libraries. Dooley and Stradal will be featured at a special event on Dec. 1, 2016, at the University of Minnesota.