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The Magicians gets a big thumbs up

Science Librarian Carolyn Bishoff and host Lisa Von Drasek discussed the Lev Grossman fantasy novel series, which started in 2009 with The Magicians on this episode of Read This Book! from the University of Minnesota Libraries. The series has been adapted on television and currently airs on Syfy.
Junauda Petrus and Erin Sharkey, co-founders of Free Black Dirt, worked closely with Umbra Search materials as Coffee House Press Artists-In-Residence at the Given Collection.

Bringing African American History to Life

The Libraries started its Umbra Search effort in 2014 to pull together primary source materials from archives across the country. Today, Umbra Search is chock full of 520,000 historical and cultural items from 1,000 archives, libraries, and museums, and it continues to grow.
Andrea Jenkins with Ash Scott

Narrating a transition

The Transgender Oral History Project at the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies is documenting a pivotal time in our society’s understanding of gender.

‘A Campus Divided’: Resources for Critical Thinking

The Libraries exhibit “A Campus Divided: Progressives, Anti-Communists, Racism, and Anti-Semitism at the University of Minnesota, 1930-1942” has started some important conversations about our history and our future. We have compiled resources to help our campus and community members learn more about the issues and form their own opinions.

Look What We Found

This year for U of M Radio On Your Historic Dial we’re going on a field trip in sound and time to the 1977-1978 season of the Minnesota School of the Air to look at what we found after these recordings were digitized and we were finally able to listen.

Performing the Archive: At Buffalo The Creation of a New Musical

The Friends of the Libraries and Umbra Search African American History invite you to join us for "Performing the Archive: At Buffalo," a dramatic and immersive account of the creation of a new musical about race and American identity. "This is the best presentation about anything I have ever seen anywhere!" says Cecily Marcus, Curator, Givens Collection of African American Literature. "It's a rare look behind the scenes of both archives and theater."
The McCollister Collection bookshelf

The McCollister Collection: Recreational reading at the library

“Does the library have books?” The answer is an emphatic “Yes!” In fact, the Robert & Virginia McCollister Collection for Contemporary Literature on the ground floor lobby of Wilson Library provides access to many of the Libraries’ most page-turning popular books. 
At orientation, Undergraduate Services Librarian Kate Peterson talks with incoming students about the value of the Libraries.

Are libraries the most valuable spaces on campus?

According to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota Library Data and Student Success Group, students who use the Libraries at least once during their first year are 40 percent more likely to graduate in four years than their peers who don’t visit the Libraries. But what is it about libraries that gives student users an edge? We dug into the myriad services and support offered to undergraduates by the Libraries to find out what factors help lead students so efficiently to their diplomas.
USA Flag, CC BY-SA Mike LoCascio

Resources for understanding DACA

Earlier this month, the Trump administration called upon Congress to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The program applies to young adults who have grown up in the U.S. but are not recognized as citizens because they came to the country as undocumented immigrants when they were children. We’ve gathered some resources to help you explore the topic and think critically about the ongoing news coverage.
Zine Collection in display panel

Zines: Inspiring assignments and art

Over the past year Arts & Architecture Librarian Deborah Ultan partnered with faculty to incorporate the Libraries' Marshall Weber Culture Wars Zine Collection into multiple classes — sparking scholarly engagement and creative inspiration.

Watch ‘A Campus Divided’ event

Hear from University of Minnesota professors and administrators as they discussed the current exhibit, "A Campus Divided: Progressives, Anti-Communists, Racism, and Antisemitism at the University of Minnesota, 1930-1942," at an event held September 13, 2017 at Elmer L. Andersen Library.

Luther exhibit ends on September 29

Less than two weeks remain to see the exhibit, Luther and the World Turned Upside Down: Prophecy, Revolution, and the End of Time, which runs through September 29, 2017 at Elmer L. Anderson Library. Additional materials are on exhibit at the T.R. Anderson Gallery on the fourth floor of Wilson Library.
Ramon Novarro

Hispanics in Hollywood

During the early years of the film industry in Hollywood, Hispanic actors were cast as bandits and dangerous women. Some male Hispanic actors were typecast as "Latin Lover." Things have changed since Hispanic actors like Rita Hayworth (born Margarita Cansino) and Anthony Quinn (born Antonio Quinn Oaxaca) felt compelled to change their names.
Kanopy Streaming Channel

Streamlining video integration in teaching and research

There’s nothing new about using videos in the classroom. From projectors and film strips through VHS and Blu-ray players, instructors having been using video...
Sarah Jane Brown, Clinical Information Librarian

Sarah Jane Brown joins the Bio-Medical Library as a Clinical Information Librarian

Sarah Jane Brown, MSc, began her work as a Clinical Information Librarian at the Bio-Medical Library this August. As a Clinical Information Librarian, Brown will support the patient care, clinical research, and educational needs of the Medical School.