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Photo of car driving through flood water.

Come health and high water

Record setting snowfalls in February, combined with heavy rains and quickly warming temperatures, have set the stage for major flooding in Minnesota this spring. We’re here to share trusted information compiled by librarians at the Bio-Medical Library and the National Library of Medicine to help prepare for flood events.
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Creating sustainable, accessible scholarly publishing

The University of California system made news recently when it broke off negotiations with Elsevier, one of the world’s largest scholarly journal publishers. UC's main goals are to secure universal open access publishing for UC research — so that anyone in the world can view it, free of charge — while curbing the rising costs of for-profit journals. Wendy Pradt Lougee, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries, writes about what's happening at the University of Minnesota regarding publishing and Open Access.
U of M Radio On Your Historic Dial with retro radio icon

Women on the Air: Geraldine Ferraro visits Minnesota

Four months after the 1984 presidential election, Geraldine Ferraro visited Minnesota where she was greeted by a large and receptive audience as the guest speaker for the Distinguished Carlson Lecture Series, sponsored by the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.  Interest was so great that after full capacity was reached in Northrop Auditorium, accommodations were made for a screening at Williams Arena on campus. The speech was also broadcast live on KUOM radio stations throughout the Twin Cities.
Photo of Caitlin Bakker teaching in front of a classroom

‘Wintry Mix’ reveals the importance of data management

Duluth’s forecast called for a wintry mix the morning of January 7 - leading to a two hour weather delay at University of Minnesota Duluth. But bad weather did not stop a team of six librarians from the Twin Cities campus from traveling 160 miles to teach a half-day course on data management, nor did it stop a group of over thirty participants from trekking through snow and ice to attend the workshop.

What Drives Emma Molls?

The University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services is about to turn five years old. Compared to traditional academic publishers — some of which have been publishing for more than 100 years — the publisher is still a new kid on the block.That newness brings challenges, but it also brings a lot of opportunities — opportunities that drive Emma Molls in her multifaceted role of Publishing Services Librarian.
Jimmy Cooper

furious beautiful Zines with student Jimmy Cooper

Student Jimmy Cooper hosts a zine workshop every-other Monday in the Walter Library Breakerspace. The Breakerspace provides the room and materials, and Cooper brings the content and atmosphere. It is a workshop where everyone can exercise their creative voice in a heartfelt, paperback format.

Goodnight Moon and ‘The ABC of It’

Come sit in the chair in a landmark Twin Cities exhibit at the March 2 Open House for the exhibit, "The ABC of It: Why Children's Books Matter." It will transport you back to your childhood with original artwork and manuscripts from over 200 children's classics. Enjoy three floors of photo opportunities including a life-sized Poky Little Puppy and an 18 foot replica of the Goodnight Moon bedroom perfect for reading a bedtime story.

New treasures from the Minnesota Opera

The Performing Arts Archives recently received a treasure trove of new archival materials from the Minnesota Opera. These new acquisitions document the opera company’s more-than 50-year commitment to staging new works. Founded in 1964, the Minnesota Opera began as the Center Opera, an organization that operated under the aegis of the Walker Art Center.

The Tretter Collection’s new curator

Since she started last summer, Rachel Mattson has dived into the busy, daily work of running a collection — processing new materials, and making them available to campus and community.
Hayley's reply message to the student from California.

A letter from a California grade-schooler

Walter Library recently received a letter from a grade school student in California. The letter contained a Minnesota postcard along with a plea to return it filled in with information about Minnesota.
Valerie Horton

Valerie Horton announces retirement plans

Valerie Horton has announced her retirement as director of Minitex, a program that provides support and services for libraries in Minnesota, North Dakota, and...
Blind Date with a book 2019

Go on a blind date with a book!

Pick up a Blind Date Stop by participating UMN libraries from February 11 to 17 to select a book wrapped up just for you. What...

A fertile collection

Landscape designers, Arboretum event planners, educators, nature lovers, and gardeners turn regularly to the Andersen Horticultural Library for its wealth of resources. The collection and archive perfectly align with the diverse offerings at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, helping its staff and visitors make the most of the flowers, plants, trees, wildlife, and grounds spread over 1,200 acres.
Recipe book (Wangensteen Historical Library)

Curator sparks re-discovery of 18th century spirits

The research of the Libraries’ Emily Beck — garnered from historical materials at the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine — serves as the foundation for an interactive publication and two upcoming and unique events at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Tattersall Distilling.
Librarians Shannon Farrell and Meghan Lafferty with CSP Managing Director Laura Seifert, and grad student Ingrid Haugan

Data sharing doesn’t have to be intimidating

Every day, teams of scientists gather massive amounts of new information as they pursue their research. By sharing data with other researchers, a scientist can help increase the speed and decrease the cost of advancing knowledge. But before researchers can share their data, they need to have a plan in place. The University Libraries can help by working with researchers to set up procedures that support data sharing.