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Read This Book!: Science and Bicycles

Read This Book!: Science and Bicycles, features Carolyn Rauber, a University of Minnesota science and engineering librarian. In this episode, Rauber highlights four books related to the science of bicycles.

  • “All About the Bike”
    By Robert Penn
  • “The eBike Book”
    Hannes Neupert, Juliane Schroder, and Marisa Schulz
  • “Four Centuries of Geological Travel: The search for knowledge on foot, bicycle, sledge, and camel”
    Patrick N. Wyse Jackson
  • “Evaluation of Blue Bike-Lane Treatment in Portland, Oregon”
    William W. Hunter, David L. Harkey, J. Richard Stewart, and Mia L. Birk
    The Transportation Research Record
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